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Have you always wanted to paint, but been too afraid to try?

Let your inner artist blossom at the Budding Artist's Workshop​

A short video about what happened when I overcame my fear and became an artist, a painter and a teacher. I now help others realise their dream and desire to paint.​

I used to be afraid too, but look at where I am now. 

It all started 10 years ago, when I decided I would put my fear and self-doubt aside and take the first step towards my lifelong dream – to learn how to paint. I had always been told by authority figures that I wasn’t talented enough to become an artist, but it wasn’t until I booked myself for my first art workshop that I was able to prove them wrong.

I am Jackie Peach; an Artist, a Painter and a Teacher and this is how it all began…

I was lucky to have a really good teacher – one who helped all the students feel comfortable and guided us through step-by-step the methods she wanted us to learn. Attending my first class was the stepping stone to where I am now as an artist and a painter. I’m humbled that so many people find refuge and an escape in my art. My work now hangs in galleries, and in cafes and I owe this success to the first step I took – to attend my very first art workshop.

My instructor was the one who showed me the ‘Paint Pouring Method’ which is now the signature method, and what I teach in my beginner’s painting classes.

The Magical Work of Art & Painting

Art can be so many things – inspiring, therapeutic, much needed self-indulgence, a sanctuary… I could go on and on, but the one word that summarises it for me is that it’s magical. The method that really swept me off my feet is the Paint Pouring Method.

Find out more about paint pouring here.

“I studied Business because that’s what I was told to do, but life felt claustrophobic until I found release in the world of art and painting.”
– Jackie Peach

Were you ever told that your art isn’t good enough to ever become a real artist? Is the fear of being judged what has stopped you from exploring your creativity?

 I know I felt crushed when all I wanted to do after leaving school was to paint, but ongoing reinforcement that being an artist wasn’t ‘the way’ to make a living eventually lead me to business school.

 Although I excelled during my year at Business College, I never felt passionate about my studies. Being told not to pursue art resulted in a general lack of self-confidence throughout my life.

I wanted to express myself through art, but the fear of not being good enough stopped me. Once I finished University I decided to travel. Travel gave me an avenue to escape and today, travel and the breathtaking scenes I saw and the wonderful experiences I had are the inspiration for my artwork.

Travelling around the world helped me find my creativity again and I came back to Western Australia, ready to take a paint brush in my hand.

If the fear of not being good enough has held you back from painting, I encourage you to take a leap of faith and believe that in the right environment you can let your inner artist blossom.

So many of the students who have attended my painting workshops, individuals – both male and female, couples, families, parent and child pairs, mothers and daughters, friends, have all found a way to release their creativity and let go of their fear of judgment. 

“Jackie is very generous with advice, assistance, tips, sharing knowledge, number of canvases available plus morning tea. The non-judgmental atmosphere made me feel very comfortable, which as a beginner was just great!”

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