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How to Change Your Mindset In Just 3 Hours

During my last exhibition I was asked by several people if I would do workshops to demonstrate how I achieve the effects that I do and so I started with just a one-off with the view that it would end there but everyone loved it so much they asked me to continue with follow up classes.

It has been a revelation seeing the journey people embark on during the workshop as painting really is an all-consuming process. One’s focus on colour, shape and content is so intent that it becomes a meditation within itself and all cares of the outside world are forgotten. Because of this, the creative process of art making is said to improve and enhance the physical, mental and emotional well being of all people taking up this wonderful hobby.

Through creating art it is possible to:

• redirect ones thoughts
• increase awareness of self and others

• better cope with stress
• better cope with traumatic experiences
• enhance cognitive abilities

• improve memory
• enjoy the sheer pleasure of creativity
• achieve self-fulfillment and self-confidence
• ease depression
• cope better with grief

It is also possible to ease the emotional effects of illness through art making. Research in hospitals has discovered that participants in art programs have better vitals and less complications sleeping.

Research has also shown that art classes have a therapeutic effect on retired people’s well being. Participants who regularly take art classes, when interviewed said they felt that painting gave them a sense of satisfaction and achievement whilst filling their many free hours. It also boosted confidence, productivity and offered an opportunity for inclusion within a group of other interested people in an uplifting environment.

At the end of each class it’s a wonderful affirmation seeing the smiles and looks of amazement on the participants faces. Beginners are delighted at what they have achieved and I get as much inspiration, pleasure and enjoyment passing on these techniques in my Perth Artist Workshops as I do in creating my own paintings. I feel very motivated and fulfilled at the end of each workshop.

Painting is indeed food for the soul

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