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Art Classes for Kids

An exciting world of paint pouring for kids with award-winning artist, painter and teacher Jackie Peach in her kids’ painting workshops.


A wonderful creative technique for children to embrace. It's virtually impossible to make a mistake therefore excellent for building self confidence.

Jackie is often amazed by what children create. She notes that the biggest thrill for her is “seeing their faces beaming at the end of the kids painting workshops” and how proud they are of what they have created with a major boost to their self-esteem.


The interactive kids painting classes are presented in a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere and most importantly Jackie will be on hand to offer one to one guidance and support.


Kids will walk away with three unique artworks to proudly display at home or gift to loved ones, therefore its an excellent tool for building self confidence. These fun-filled workshops are suitable for ages 9 and over as it does require some patience.

There is a maximum of 5 children per workshop with all required materials supplied. No drawing skills are necessary allowing children to engage with their natural creative instincts whilst learning this magical fluid painting style.

Art Classes for Kids –  Whats included?

The cost of the kids painting workshops is $95 per person, 2 hours duration and includes 3 canvases plus all other materials therefore it’s as easy as just joining in. Early booking is advised to secure your child’s place and as group size is limited to 5 children only.  

If you’re interested in attending this workshop and participate with your child, Jackie is happy to host a grandparent/parent/son and daughter class or alternatively, to arrange a party group simply contact 0404 987 424 for more information.At

Mini Workshop – Whats included?

This two hour workshop is open for ages of 7 years + and for all capabilities. Maximum group size capped at 5 participants and Carers/family are welcome to assist.

This is an inspiring memory making event and wonderful for building self-esteem as it’s impossible to make a mistake. All materials are supplied so you simply come along wearing your painting clothes and prepared to be amazed.

If you have a particular day of the week that works best for you please let me know and I may be able to make it work for you

** Disclaimer: Uncollected art works will be held for one month and then become the property of Perth Artist Workshops

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