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Paint Pouring

What is paint pouring?

Perth Artist Workshops are an easy introduction into the wonderful world of Paint Pouring. This technique requires no previous experience or the need to be able to draw and is perfect for beginners.

  • The actual process involves mixing various paint colours in jars with water and then literally pouring them onto the canvas in various ways. Here the magic begins!
  • Paint pouring is an inspiring style and creates flowing unique paintings.  My Perth Artist Workshops (1/2 day and full day formats) are designed to take you from a blank canvas to a beautiful work of art that can easily be sold and it’s been exciting to see previous attendees do so. I also have proven that this is a recognised style of creating art as the 2016 winner of the Ellenbrook Art Awards. 

Learn the therapeutic painting technique that's not just for professional artists!

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I am Jackie Peach, an artist, painter and teacher. I hold painting workshops in Perth specifically to share the joy and ease of Paint Pouring. If you are a budding artist, or simply want an avenue to unleash your creativity, a sanctuary where you can have much needed ‘me’ time and guilt-free indulgence working with lush and rich paint and canvases, this is for you. Come and join me at one of my workshops and release all your worries…

The Beginner's 3 hour 9.30-12.30 workshop is a stress free intro to the wonders of liquid painting.

This 3 hour workshop is an inspiring journey into a whole new world of making your very own art.

Come along and join this small & friendly group. A fully guided day including "textures".

Take the first step and book a day that includes textures with paint pouring.

Delighted at being able to share this fabulous technique with budding artists.

Find inspiration at a stress free Paint Pouring Workshop from 10.00 - 1.00

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