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How To Paint Without The Fear That You’ll Fail

You may have been told whilst at school that you’re just never going to be an artist as you have no obvious drawing skills, are not obsessed with art in your every waking moment and not naturally talented. You believed it as this judgment was coming from authority figures and therefore it must be correct.

Why Making Art is the New Meditation

I came across this article published in the Washington Times whilst researching for my latest blog and it captured exactly what I wanted to say so I’ve decided to post it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Art as Meditation This article is republished from our content partner  Fulfillment Daily: Daily Science-Backed News

How to Change Your Mindset In Just 3 Hours

During my last exhibition I was asked by several people if I would do workshops to demonstrate how I achieve the effects that I do and so I started with just a one-off with the view that it would end there but everyone loved it so much they asked me to continue with follow up

More Than Just Painting

It’s so much more than just painting……. It all began with making the dream a reality. Finding a group who were also beginning their journey with a teacher who encouraged us to discover our own unique creativity and in hindsight the cards all fell perfectly into place. Not only did I develop my own style
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