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Jackie Peach - Artist, Painter, Teacher

I am Jackie Peach, an artist, a painter and a teacher. Like you, I once started with a clean slate – a blank canvas. 10 years ago, I decided that I never wanted to wonder “what if” or “if only” so I put the wheels into motion, my self doubt aside and finally fulfilled my lifelong dream to learn how to paint.

My Painting Journey – How It All Began

I am now lucky to have my artwork and paintings displayed in galleries, cafes, and sold to homes where owners are mesmerised  by the escape that my painting brings them. It all started with going to art classes where I was lucky enough to have an excellent teacher who encouraged us to develop our own unique styles. It made for such an interesting group and the variety of subjects covered everything from portraits to abstract. The creative energy was very inspiring.

My Specialty – The Paint Pouring Technique

After some time our teacher showed me a new technique that I had never seen before. It was paint pouring and I instantly became captivated by the way the paints reacted to each other. That’s when I began to experiment with this style at home and found myself spending hours delving further and introducing all sorts of other materials. It was all very addictive.

The images I convey to canvas relate back to experiences and adventures from throughout my life. Growing up by the ocean, traveling extensively throughout the Mediterranean, Europe, Ireland, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and outback Western Australia plus my time living in the gold fields and Pilbara has provided an endless stream of subject matter. I find the emotion that colour evokes takes me back to the particular place in time, hence the painting at hand develops.

My Passion – Living My Love

I now have the added passion of teaching this technique to other curious and budding painters. It fascinates me that in my beginners class we all start the very first piece using similar colours and subject matter but each painting is so unique on completion. It’s impossible to copy or repeat even if we wanted to.

Make The First Brush Stroke – Attend a Painting Workshop

So come paint with me. Whilst focused on what’s transpiring before you, its difficult to think of anything else and I treat it as a little serendipitous sojourn into my imagination. It all started with the first step for me over 10 years ago when I attended an art class. If you need an escape from your busy routine, need some time to yourself for guilt-free indulgence with lush and rich paints and art materials, these workshops are for you. You will feel safe in an environment where you can paint without the fear of feeling judged. You will start with a blank canvas and head home with 5 canvases of your own artwork. 

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