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Mobile Art Workshops

Create art together with our artist Jackie Peach & your friends, family or colleagues

What’s included?

For groups of 5 or more people and have the space for me to set up tables then Perth Artist Workshops can bring an art class to you.

All the materials are supplied from plastic cover sheets to canvases, a large range of paints, tools etc. The price per person is the same as the studio $165 with additional travelling costs depending on how far away you are. 
I’ve been delighted to be a part of some truly memorable gatherings where even the most doubtful members of the group have been delighted by their creations. This method of painting requires no previous drawing or painting skills and is a wonderful confidence booster.

  • For people living in regional areas within 3 hours of Perth Team building corporate events
  • Birthday parties Family/friends “Making Memories” art workshop
  • Hens parties – create a painting for the bride
  • Kids parties – suits ages approximately 8 and over

You are worthy and I invite you to attend the Budding Artist's Workshop

Learn more about Paint Pouring with Jackie Peach.

Read our latest FAQs about Perth Artist Workshop

** Disclaimer: Uncollected art works will be held for one month and then become the property of Perth Artist Workshops

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